Welcome to the official website of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation National Team.  The purpose of the SWKKF National Team is to represent the organization at various events within Canada and around the world. The team strives to uphold Sensei Shintani’s values of humility and kindness while competing for top spots on the world stage.  We also acknowledge here those who have supported us.

The objective of the SWKKF National Team is to represent the SWKKF at various tournaments within the organization and to uphold the values of Sensei Shintani and the SWKKF at international tournaments. In the past the SWKKF National team members were chosen through a qualifying process (placing in the top 3 in kata or kumite) and tournament competition based solely on kata and kumite results. This tournament was held in conjunction with the National Tournament in May. The team is currently selection based which is held bi-annually and consists of a weekend full of events.

Candidates are selected based on various weighted categories, including level of fitness, coach-ability, adaptability and an evaluation of kata and kumite. By the end of the weekend the best competitors will represent the team. Our goal in moving into the future with the team is to maintain our ties to the past. The 2014 – 2016 National Team will attempt to achieve this with a new approach. This coming year the team will move to a 9-15 Member Team, depending on the results of the selection Camp. There will be two teams: a Kata Team, and a Kumite Team. The Kata Team will consist of 2 Males (Open Weight), 2 Females (Open Weight), 1 Male Alternate (Open Weight), 1 Female Alternate (Open Weight). The Kumite Team will consist of 2 Male Heavyweights (+80KG), 2 Male Middleweights (60-80KG), 1 Male Lightweight (-60KG), 1 Female Heavyweight (+60KG), 1 Female Lightweight (-60KG), 1 Male Alternate (Open Weight), 1 Female Alternate (Open Weight).

A selection committee will consist of 5 members, the team coach and 4 others which will be appointed by the senate from past team members, ranking yodansha or senate members from across the country. The competition evaluation judges will consist of Black belt judges and/or committee members. 

To Contact The Team Manager, Sensei Heather Fidyk, Please Click Here!